Sunday, July 17, 2016

Travel Like You Mean It.

Sometimes I vacation and sometimes I travel.

What's the difference? Well. I didn't really know there was a difference until it started to dawn on me that when I go out of town for work, I consider it traveling and when I go out of town for personal reasons, I call it vacationing - which isn't really true. For me, a vacation is almost always spent at home.

For moms,vacations that require travel are never really relaxing - they're more work than a normal week. I come home more exhausted than before I left. I'm a mom. It is what it is. So, until my boys are self-sufficient [insert any snarky comment here] - vacations, in my definition, will always be spent at home.

I still LOVE to travel, absolutely.

I was amazed at how much more EFFICIENT of a traveler I was when I left for work than I am for family trips. So I decided to approach this trip as I would a business one.

Here is what I learned:

1. Packing light meant unpacking light. This should be a major duh, but I seriously am much better at knowing what I'll need for work than I am for "vacations." As if I don't know where I'm traveling to or what I'll be doing? So dumb. I eliminated any "what if" outfits.

2. ONE book and ONE electronic device per person IS plenty.

3. Scooters rock, I'm super glad I pick my fights. I was annoyed by his request, but, eh. I like to let them be them, too. Thumbs up on this one.

4. Banning checked luggage from my world allowed me the freedom to be flexible and consider multiple incentive offers.  SERIOUSLY, cool.

5. Cameras are amazing, but so was my phone. I made a conscience decision to not bring a separate camera. I just uploaded my pictures every chance I got. I just didn't want to bother with it - I don't do a lot of photography as art anymore and I like the pictures that my phone takes. *shrugs* It worked just fine.

6. Travel with your parents, they'll cook for you. As a mom, it's MUCH closer to a real vacation if you go with YOUR mom! [fist bump, mom, thanks.]

Lastly, good music and lack of internet connection brings a family together.

Just sayin ~ DM

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Adventures of Rie-Man, Teenage Edition #43

Rie: We need more dirt.
Me: Oh I know... I can split a bunch more of these hostas, and I really wanted to complete the front landscaping, I feel like this planting season got away from me, though....

[blank look, actually, a unique "Why are you saying these things?" blank look]

Me: What? [I wake up from my dream that my teenage son cares about my gardening goals] NO. No, you do NOT need more dirt. THIS is a yard, not a track!

Rie: uhhh ok
Me: And what the hell is that?
Rie: a berm, it provides support -
Me: Why does my yard need that?
Rie: I thought you might want to plant flowers around the back of it. I just need to make it higher, that's why I need more dirt...
Me: You are so full of shit. THIS IS A YARD!

[looks closer...]

Me: Is this? Are there... WHY ARE THERE RAKE MARKS IN MY YARD?
[Emmo picks THIS unfortunate moment to walk into the YARD]

Emmo: Oh, Mom, that's the track, we're building a -


Rie: Mom's having trouble adjusting.
Me: Don't talk, Rie.
Rie: Mom, look at the bright side, we circled your "side yard" making it all nice and cozy -
Emmo; like a cocoon -

Me: Emerson, hand me one of your swords.

Emmo: uhh they're all broken... Rie, RUN!

Just sayin'

*full disclaimer, this happened in May but Aunt Lu's comment reminded me that I never finished or published it :)